These Terms of Service are only valid for If you can't agree with the conditions below, you can still use Mastodon, but you should use another instance with different conditions. Or you can deploy your own instance, where you can set your own terms.

• During registration you have to pick a username. This username can't be changed later, so make sure it is the right one. If you are in doubt if your username is suitable, read our rules below first.
• After you sign up, you have to verify your email address. Check your spam folder if you didn't receive a verification email.
• You are personally fully responsible and accountable for what you publish on Without any exception, whether you use a pseudonym/alias or not. In other words: we from and the Mastodon Project in general are completely not responsible and accountable for what you publish, in any form whatsoever.
• We do not accept (among other things),
◦ racism,
◦ homophobia, biphobia and such,
◦ transphobia, nbphobia and such,
◦ sexism and misogyny,
◦ fat-shaming,
◦ ableism,
◦ and other forms of discrimination,
◦ harassment,
◦ trolling,
◦ hate speech,
◦ (sexual) abuse of minors, adults and animals (also not virtual),
◦ glorification of violence, calls for murder, death threats and terrorism,
◦ militarism,
◦ nationalism and right-wing populism,
◦ right-wing and religious extremism,
◦ evangelisation and other forms of religious propaganda,
◦ extreme sects and cults,
◦ capitalists, including so called 'anarcho-capitalists' (ancaps),
◦ (right-wing) conspiracy 'theories' and hoaxes,
◦ and of course no spam and other forms of advertisement. If you publish continuously a very high number of public toots (excl. replies) in a short time (e.g. more than 1 toot every minute over a longer period), we consider that spam.
◦ We understand that sometimes toots have an ironic or humorous context. We try to take that into account when moderating your content, but remember that irony and humor won't always exonerate you.
• We always keep the right to silence or suspend your account. We are fortunately very tolerant, and freedom of speech is highly valued by us (but not without limits), and therefore we will always think twice before we take these actions.
• Please use the report tool if you think someone on this instance or another instance did not comply with our guidelines. Reporting
• Always add toots and additional comments to reports describing why you are reporting the user and/or toot. Or else our moderators have to magically guess why you are reporting someone and/or something. Also consider sending a copy of your report to a remote server.
• If you are not completely satisfied with our moderation policies, you can always mute and block users by yourself.
• Everything you toot is yours and stays yours. We don't own your content. You are free to release your toots under any kind of license. We advise you to use a Creative Commons license. You can put this in short in your bio. By default all rights are yours. Work from others is of course not your work and using that is completely your risk. So keep yourself well informed about the copyright of third party content. Usually more flexible conditions apply for embedded content and citations.
• and the Mastodon project cannot, in any way be held liable for damages and harm. and the Mastodon Project work hard to prevent fatal server and software failures, but we can never ever guarantee this. We make daily backups of the database. Upgrades
• We only upgrade to stable Mastodon versions (except when there is an urgent reason to deviate from this). We do this as soon as possible, normally within 24 hours after a stable release (it's our intention to inform you when it takes longer).
Usage by children
• Our site, products and services are all directed to people who are at least 16 years old. If you are under the age of 16, do not use this site.


OER TODAY is an initiative of Tamarind Tree, a school without walls. believes that knowledge and education should be available to all like air and water. Contrary to the current trend, they should not be commodified, bought and sold. This space is dedicated to create, discuss and propagate Open Education Resources. This space is driven by a community for communities. State owned institutions and individuals are not welcome! We are vehemently against proprietary edtech companies.