There is always a scope of learning from every aspect of life. Understanding new dimensions of life and trying to weave them into my working life. Little difficult but fun.

We need to adopt OERs more & more into our learning process. An interesting episode on how the education world is adopting OERs & making a strong statement that education is our basic right but not a commodity to buy or sell. Don't miss the episode tomorrow (Feb 23, 2020) on our Facebook page & YouTube channel.

OER Project is a family of free, online history courses for middle and high school classrooms everywhere.

Next film releasing on 5th Jan. On Project Nomad Fb Page & YT channel.

coming soon with a small documentary film on entrepreneurial learning program for children.

Akansha is a 6th standard student from a government school in Pune. She recently completed the entrepreneurial program of Karmyo Foundation, Project Nomad visited her home recently to find out how she was benefited from the program. To our surprise we never felt that we were talking to a kid, her idea, experience & confidence were sky-high. In the photo Akansha is with her elder brother Amit.

Let's meet Ashwini, a communication designer & illustrator who believe in creating art without fear. Recently she has self-published a book (the one she is holding in the picture) by the name 'earth', which is a compilation of information about the sustainability goals. Ashwini loves to interact with children and hence she takes workshops on how we can take sustainability goals and make the younger generation aware of the same and also make them prepare for the coming condition of nature.

finally i got something alternative...😂


OER TODAY is an initiative of Tamarind Tree, a school without walls. believes that knowledge and education should be available to all like air and water. Contrary to the current trend, they should not be commodified, bought and sold. This space is dedicated to create, discuss and propagate Open Education Resources. This space is driven by a community for communities. State owned institutions and individuals are not welcome! We are vehemently against proprietary edtech companies.