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It's FOSS all the way in kerala..Completing booting out all proprietary software. While they are of course politically inclined..The sheer economics should also appeal to other states. Saving of some 3000 crores.

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The h5p project has brought some serious happiness to our campus! Kids enjoy imitating the audio again and again, with their peers...While the teacher works with another student.
Eagerly waiting to see h5p become a part of moodle core.

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"कोई हँस रहा है कोई रो रहा है
कोई पा रहा है कोई खो रहा है

कोई ताक में है किसी को है गफ़लत
कोई जागता है कोई सो रहा है

कहीँ नाउम्मीदी ने बिजली गिराई
कोई बीज उम्मीद के बो रहा है

इसी सोच में मैं तो रहता हूँ 'अकबर'
यह क्या हो रहा है यह क्यों हो रहा है"

~अकबर इलाहाबादी

#ghazal #urdu #poetry #life #rekhta

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Just about a week to Global Open Education Technology conference

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Increasing "commodification" and monetising of our lives - be it data, water, air, land, energy or education only leads to exclusion. What is meant to be for public and social good becomes transactional and available only to a few.

We are all trying to respond to this in different ways. An "open alternative" offers some hope across.

Reject the commodification of knowledge. Become OPEN. Commit to using only OERs

Why Open Matters in Education?

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OER TODAY is an initiative of Tamarind Tree, a school without walls. believes that knowledge and education should be available to all like air and water. Contrary to the current trend, they should not be commodified, bought and sold. This space is dedicated to create, discuss and propagate Open Education Resources. This space is driven by a community for communities. State owned institutions and individuals are not welcome! We are vehemently against proprietary edtech companies.