@vidyut Congrats. I did that now 9 years ago. Its absolutely worth it. But there is a rule of 3 -- 3 days, 3 months, 3 years. The chances of relapse are very high on 3rd day, 3rd month and 3rd year. Be strong

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Kashmir - An Artisan soap as complicated and layered as #Kashmir. - vidyut.info/shop/soaps/kashmir

The design of this soap will keep changing as you use it and new layers are revealed - do see the photos of the making in the link.

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This is the reality of Gujarat Model.

🔸 For getting road repaired residents had to go to High Court.

🔸 Since last 7 years Motera road was full of pits.

🔸 No sanitation works in several Slum areas.


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We need to adopt OERs more & more into our learning process. An interesting episode on how the education world is adopting OERs & making a strong statement that education is our basic right but not a commodity to buy or sell. Don't miss the episode tomorrow (Feb 23, 2020) on our Facebook page & YouTube channel.

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The game is clear. Reduce the number of eligible NGOs so that more funds from CSR goes to government schemes like PM Relief Funds etc


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coming soon with a small documentary film on entrepreneurial learning program for children.

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Next film releasing on 5th Jan. On Project Nomad Fb Page & YT channel.

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